Your rental dates:

22/07/20 11:00 AM
24/07/20 11:00 AM
Great choice!
  • Guaranteed make and model
  • No buses, no counters, no queues, no upsells
  • Quick and convenient for a swift departure
  • Two minute walk from the terminal
  • Fully insured with RAC breakdown cover


Payable online

If you reserve any of these extras you will pay when you book the car online.


Share the driving: journeys are always better when you can take turns at the wheel.
Drivers must be aged between 25 – 70 yrs old to be an additional driver on this booking.


Satellite navigation system provides turn-by-turn directions

£5.00 each per day

Suitable for children 4 years to 11 years weighing 40-100 lbs / 18-45kg

£5.00 each per day

Suitable for children 9 months to 4 years or weighing 20-40 lbs / 9-18kg

Full Protection for complete peace of mind

As with any ‘fully comprehensive’ insurance, you will have an excess to pay if anything happens to the vehicle. You can choose an excess waiver option below to best suit your needs.

In all cases, 48 hours before arrival, we will pre-authorise a deposit from your card of £250, to cover any potential post-rental charges, such as additional mileage & fuel charges, traffic violations or parking fines. We will always inform you before we collect any additional charges, including any damage charges.

Cover Cost Select
Standard Excess: £750 Included
Reduced Excess: £250 £25.00
(per rental)

Renter and licence requirements

  • Aged between 25 – 70 yrs old
  • UK or EU license held for at least two years
  • No more than 1 insurance claim where you were at fault in the last 3 years
  • UK license – Three points or fewer
  • EU license – 25% of total points allowed